Leo’s Restaurant in Fenton, Michigan

Woman named Carol came up to me and out-of-the-blue asked for prayer. 

I was at Leo’s Restaurant in Fenton, waiting for an appointment. A lady named Carol came up to me and asked if I was an attorney. I said, “I have been called worse… laughingly.” Then she asked, “Are you a minister of God?”  I smiled and said, “Yes!”  Then she asked me to pray for her without telling me what to pray for her. 

I said to her, “Sit down and we will pray right now.” So then I prayed for her without knowing she needed from God. Then, after we prayed, she said, “I was right on what she needed prayer for.” Then she got up and left.

We must trust and obey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whenever his individuals in the earth cross our paths. Here without knowing what she needed intercessory prayer for from God, I immediately, not making a list of requested prayers, and then praying when I had time for these intercessory needs of individuals from God.

We should all do the same any time someone crosses our path to intercede for them or someone else.

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