Here is a story about how at Cities Of Hope Ministries, we care about all of the people in Our world.

On June 17th, 2021, while at breakfast with David Allen Codie at Leo’s Coney Island in Fenton, Michigan, a waitress took us to our table. I told her she had a great smile under her mask. She was giggling and all of a sudden I realized that I knew her. Her name was Bailey. So, after eating breakfast with my brother-in-Christ, I went to the men’s room. When I arrived back to my table, David had left without my knowledge.

So I was getting ready to leave and the Holy Spirit told me that He wanted me to stay. It was because I needed to minister to another waitress that came up to my table when David Allen Codie was there. She told me with tears in her eyes that she was single mother with two daughters and did not know what to do. She told me her name was Erica and gave her phone number.

So I did not leave on the advice of the Holy Spirit and called the waitress named Bailey. I asked Bailey if she knew Erica. She told me they were friends and they worked together at Leo’s.

I asked Bailey if she could call Erika to my table and she did. When Erica came to my table, she still had tears in her eyes. So I asked her, if she were to die tonight, did she know where she would go?

She answered, “No.” So I asked her if she would like to know for sure. She said, “Yes.” I asked her if we could pray together at the table. She said, ”Yes.” I asked her she could bow her head and close her eyes and repeat after me. 

Lord Jesus, I thank you for a personal faith and that you are the Son of God, and my Lord and my Savior. I believe that you died, you were buried, and you rose on the third day. And because I believe it, I am born again. As you receive me Jesus, I receive you. In Jesus Name Amen.

When she open her eyes. I told her, Erica, Today, salvation has come to you and your daughter’s home.

After approximately a week, I came back to Leo’s Restaurant in Fenton, Michigan and Erica was there. She thanked me and told me her testimony that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her daughter’s was communicating with her. They were beginning to reason together about building a family. I mentioned to her that if they decide to enter into a wedding covenant, that I would be honored to perform their wedding ceremony should she and her boyfriend agree to enter into a covenant of Holy Matrimony.

She then asked me, “Does our ministry Cities of Hope Ministries, do anything for birthdays[GVP1]  ?” Her two daughters JoAnne and Jaana had birthdays coming up. I said that I would look into it and consult the board of directors to see what they could do. But she needed to text me with their names and birth dates. She did and then after the board agreed, I delivered two birthday gifts for her daughters and gift for her that was a Bible from Cities of Hope Ministries. 

As a ministry, we provide for the needs of many individuals and families.

Leading Bailey to the Lord

I was at Leo’s Coney Island on Aug 16th, 2021, in Fenton, Michigan with a brother-in-Christ, and mentioned to Bailey the waitress about us having a ministry of helps.  So she took my ministry card and gave her a tract. She served a delicious breakfast and my brother –in-Christ told me after breakfast that he needed to go outside. He needed to go outside to smoke a cigarette. I said, “Okay.” Then Bailey came by our table to fill up my coffee cup. 

Then the Holy Spirit told me to ask her this question: “If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go?” Bailey shook her head and said, “No I don’t know where I would go.” So I asked her, “Would you like to know?”  She nodded her head in the affirmative. 

And I said, “Could we pray now together?”  She answered yes. So I asked her to bow her head and close her eyes, and repeat after me.  “Lord Jesus, I thank you for a personal faith that you are the Son of God and my Lord and my Savior.  I believe that you died, you were buried and you arose on the third day. Because I believe it, I am born again. As you receive me Jesus, I receive you. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Bailey then open her eyes and I asked her, “Did you say this prayer from your heart?”  Bailey answer yes.

I told her, “Welcome to the kingdom of God.” Now you know where you will go if you were to die tonight.  You would go to Heaven and be with Jesus. I then asked her, “Do you have a bible?” Bailey said no I do not have a Bible.

After a few days, I came back to Leo’s Coney Island and had breakfast with another brother-in-Christ. I asked if Bailey was there. They said she was there. I asked the waitress to come over to our table.

I presented her with a Bible from Cities of Hope Ministries. The Bible had bookmarks in two areas. One bookmark was in book of Proverbs. The other bookmark was in the gospel of John.

She was greatly appreciative. This is the beginning of her journey of walking with the Lord Jesus.