Car Trouble

On July 24, I went to lunch with a sister-in-Christ at Paul’s Coney Island, Burton, Michigan.  At approximately 1:28 pm, as I was entering the restaurant, a man named John looked at me, and I asked him, “Can I help you?” He said he was looking for jumper cables to jump start his car. I said, “I don’t have any.” So he went into the restaurant after me. I saw him inside and asked him, “Did you find jumper cables from anyone?” He told me that he did not. So I asked individuals in the restaurants if they had any jumper cables.  They politely told me no. Then I went to the owner, Fred, and asked, “Do you have any jumper cables?” He said he did not have any. So I asked an employee whose name is Ash, and he stated, “I have jumper cables in my car. I will go get them for you.”

So I told John that he would need a car to jump his battery and that I would go and help him. So, I went and pulled my car next to his car and opened the hood to jump his car. He introduced me to his mom Sharon who was sitting in his car waiting and I politely said hello.

While we were jumping the battery in John’s car, he was so appreciative.  A sister-in-Christ Emily came out to see how we were progressing. We were having trouble so Emily prayed and the car started. God did it!.God cares about every aspect of our lives. Then I told him, as I gave him one of my ministry cards, that Cities of Hope Ministries is a ministry of help.

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