On or about a year ago, I had a mother contact me about doing a wedding service for her daughter.  She told me about the unique circumstances of this situation. Her daughter had planned to be married with seven days from the time she had contacted me which was a Monday. Her wedding was set for Saturday. So, I checked my schedule and explained to her that I usually need more time to prepare in doing a wedding ceremony. I made an exception and mentioned to her I would like to meet her daughter and her fiancé on Tuesday, the next day. I met with them and did some pre-marital counseling. After being with them, I agreed to perform the marriage ceremony on Saturday of that week.

I met all of the family to understand how after preforming the ceremony, the family would be united as one family. It is important to understand that the covenant of holy matrimony is second most important covenant to God, next to the covenant of salvation.

So the wedding took place and everyone enjoyed the ceremony. The ceremony took place on a waterfront setting. It was outside and very intimate with both families participating as witnesses of the vows of the vows of this man and woman.  If you personally are looking to have a wedding for yourself or someone that you know, you may contact us at Cities of Hope Ministries, so that we may make the dreams of your wedding a reality.