Homeless Woman Needs Gas to pick up her children

Speedway is a great gas station! On July 20th, 2021, we were at Speedway gas station on Dort Highway in Flint, and while we were pumping gas a homeless woman came over and asked if we could help with a few dollars of gas. So I asked her why she needed the gas. She told us that the reason is she was going to pick up her children and did not want to run out of gas. So, we asked what her name was. Her name was Ashley.  The Holy Spirit directed Emily to fill up her tank with gas as a gift. It is a good idea to pay things forward when we are in need ourselves. So like Emily that has many needs, she listened to the Holy Spirit to help this mother in need. As I was filling up her tank, I gave Ashley a ministry card and told her that Emily was filling up her tank for her. She was greatly appreciative of receiving a full tank of gas and said “God bless you” to us. I said if you need anything else or know of anyone who has a need of anything else, please call us.

It is important that all of us see each other in this world as brothers and sisters.  And when someone in need crosses our path, we should consult the Holy Spirit to see what He wants us to do.

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